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Sheltered from the Storm

4 May

by @NGIE on MARCH 8, 2011

What was she thinking? She saw no alternative. She gave her child away.

The bed carefully prepared. Tears streaming down her face. Wrapping her newborn son she laid him in the basket. Stealth her only concern she made her way to the river side. Making  sure she was alone she gave the soft head one last kiss and shoved the bundle in the the water. It bobbed and swayed. She watched until she could no longer make out its tiny form. Hurrying back to the house she buried her spinning head in her hands.

Had the story ended here what would we say of that birth mom? Would we shake our fingers and scold. How could you? What were you thinking? Crazy woman!

We have to hope that such an extreme act was based in a glimmer of hope that there was a better life for her son than living under the dread of the soldier’s sword. We have to believe in the hand of Jehovah in their lives.

Still One watched over that boy. He watched through a startled sister’s eyes. She hid in the tall grass and scurried quickly along the banks as the water carried her brother to his new mother. Miriam watched as he was taken from the water, his new name bearing to this truth: Moses. In an instance his life was saved by the same race of people that ravaged the country side with bloodshed attempting to snuff out a nation’s existence. Salvation and liberation would come through this Hebrew offspring raised in the oppressor’s home.

The story of Moses fills one with awe at the plan of redemption which began with the birth of a boy.

Now I would like to tell you a similar story about the birth of a girl. Her birth mother’s head may have been spinning after a drastic act in the hopes of a better life for her daughter. Left on a doorstep, abandoned, found and taken in this little girl now has a mama and a papa. She also has a little sister on the way ready to be born in a few short weeks. Her story is just beginning. We hope as it unfolds that the Lord’s hand would be present as it was in the life of Moses.

Just today Romon and Melinda Gore (our missionary interns) gave their new daughter a name. The daughter who is due to arrive at the end of March they have decided to name: Jalynne Miranda. The daughter who came to them last Thursday has been named: Jolee Brooke. These two girls will be raised as twins. Jalynne and Jolee. I like it.

Here are the meanings of the names of this precious five pound, less-than-a-month-old surprise:

Jo (short for Joseph): means Jehovah increases
Lee: sheltered from the storm
Brooke: means water

So fitting. God has increased this family with a doubly rich inheritance. I am so very happy for them! And I am so happy for me that I get to babysit. We all love her, as you can see in the following images. She is sweet and soft and so tiny.

I am also so very happy to be able to walk with these first-time parents and help them through the mysterious birthing situation in a foreign country and simultaneously help them with the arduous adoption process. Please pray for strength for Melinda as she still has a few weeks left in the pregnancy before Jalynne is born. You can pray for Romon as well as they are both going to be very busy with these two girls. You can pray for Jolee’s health. You can pray that the whole Gore family has favor before every official they will encounter.

Blog announcement from the parents: Our Growing Family

(Click to see the images enlarged.)


Being an Aunt is the Best!

18 Oct

Just got through looking at some pictures of my nieces. “Ugh they are so beautiful”, I say to myself. I think back to how much fun I have when I’m with Mariah, my oldest niece. She is hilarious and says the darndest things. She is independent. Strong. So loving. So smart. I think to myself, “I love this girl so much”.

Caleigh, my second oldest niece, she too is something. Intelligent, gorgeous, adorable. When I see her pictures I see a leader. A girl with influence. A talented dancer and a pure heart after God.  And seeing these things in her make me so proud to be her Aunt. Gosh I love this little girl!

Cadence: Handsome. Funny. Definitely one of a kind. Now learning to talk more, I find myself more and more excited as he learns new words and tries his best to communicate via Skype. When I see him, I think, “I just want to hug him so tight and give him a huge kiss. I just love him”.

Then comes Serenity. I held her for the first time just 1 week before returning to Bolivia. Newborn baby, gorgeous, so fragile (scary to hold if I’m being honest). Perfect eyes, skin, fingers, toes, ears, smile, perfect everything. As I held her I became overwhelmed with emotion. I loved her at that moment. Here is this innocent baby. She has an entire life to live and it’s the responsibility of a family to guide her in the right direction. Wow, such pressure. This is  a huge responsibility. I am not ready for this.


I love these short but precious and unforgettable moments in life.


So when my family saw how happy I was with a newborn in my arms, they all naturally asked, “So when are you and Romon having children”. Our response for years has always been, “In two years”. That is our plan and we were sticking to it… we thought.

Little did we know I was about 4 weeks pregnant at the time. So now, the feelings of holding a new-born, raising a child, helping shape its morals and views in life, being responsible for a life has become even more real. Even more frightening. I looked over at Romon a few days ago and told him, “I’m scared. What if I’m not a good mom? What if I don’t know what to do?” He responded in an ever so confident voice, “You’ll figure it out”. To some that may seem harsh. To some, not very comforting at all. But to me, it was just what I needed to hear. I will figure it out as do all moms. If one method of doing something doesn’t work out, who says we can’t change our method? Parenting, something I’ve dreaded and wanted to avoid for as long as possible, has become a subject of special interest. A daily focus. I mean, I follow Parenting Magazine on Twitter now. Who knew?

I thank God that the process of growing a child takes 9/10 months. I need every bit of that time to pray, read, ask around, educate myself on this matter. In reality, I am learning now as I take those huge prenatal pills, as I remember to drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day and so on, that being a mother requires selflessness. I’m excited. I’m already in love with this miracle that is growing inside of me and can’t wait to meet him/her. If I felt that being and Aunt was the best, I wonder how much greater will it be to be a mother?


Ps. I can’t forget my nephew London born Oct. 6, 2011. I have not had the chance to meet him yet. Believe me, not being there for his birth seemed like a sin. But without even meeting him I instantly love him. So crazy. I can’t even imagine the feeling of meeting my own child for the first time and holding him/her in my arms. Whoa!