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Being an Aunt is the Best!

18 Oct

Just got through looking at some pictures of my nieces. “Ugh they are so beautiful”, I say to myself. I think back to how much fun I have when I’m with Mariah, my oldest niece. She is hilarious and says the darndest things. She is independent. Strong. So loving. So smart. I think to myself, “I love this girl so much”.

Caleigh, my second oldest niece, she too is something. Intelligent, gorgeous, adorable. When I see her pictures I see a leader. A girl with influence. A talented dancer and a pure heart after God.  And seeing these things in her make me so proud to be her Aunt. Gosh I love this little girl!

Cadence: Handsome. Funny. Definitely one of a kind. Now learning to talk more, I find myself more and more excited as he learns new words and tries his best to communicate via Skype. When I see him, I think, “I just want to hug him so tight and give him a huge kiss. I just love him”.

Then comes Serenity. I held her for the first time just 1 week before returning to Bolivia. Newborn baby, gorgeous, so fragile (scary to hold if I’m being honest). Perfect eyes, skin, fingers, toes, ears, smile, perfect everything. As I held her I became overwhelmed with emotion. I loved her at that moment. Here is this innocent baby. She has an entire life to live and it’s the responsibility of a family to guide her in the right direction. Wow, such pressure. This is  a huge responsibility. I am not ready for this.


I love these short but precious and unforgettable moments in life.


So when my family saw how happy I was with a newborn in my arms, they all naturally asked, “So when are you and Romon having children”. Our response for years has always been, “In two years”. That is our plan and we were sticking to it… we thought.

Little did we know I was about 4 weeks pregnant at the time. So now, the feelings of holding a new-born, raising a child, helping shape its morals and views in life, being responsible for a life has become even more real. Even more frightening. I looked over at Romon a few days ago and told him, “I’m scared. What if I’m not a good mom? What if I don’t know what to do?” He responded in an ever so confident voice, “You’ll figure it out”. To some that may seem harsh. To some, not very comforting at all. But to me, it was just what I needed to hear. I will figure it out as do all moms. If one method of doing something doesn’t work out, who says we can’t change our method? Parenting, something I’ve dreaded and wanted to avoid for as long as possible, has become a subject of special interest. A daily focus. I mean, I follow Parenting Magazine on Twitter now. Who knew?

I thank God that the process of growing a child takes 9/10 months. I need every bit of that time to pray, read, ask around, educate myself on this matter. In reality, I am learning now as I take those huge prenatal pills, as I remember to drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day and so on, that being a mother requires selflessness. I’m excited. I’m already in love with this miracle that is growing inside of me and can’t wait to meet him/her. If I felt that being and Aunt was the best, I wonder how much greater will it be to be a mother?


Ps. I can’t forget my nephew London born Oct. 6, 2011. I have not had the chance to meet him yet. Believe me, not being there for his birth seemed like a sin. But without even meeting him I instantly love him. So crazy. I can’t even imagine the feeling of meeting my own child for the first time and holding him/her in my arms. Whoa!


Need a Game Plan: A Lesson Learned at a Christian Concert

10 Oct

We received an invitation from the bass player at our church to attend an event where his Christian band will be playing.  What else would we be doing on a Saturday night in a different country with no friends yet? So we went. Shortly after his band played, a Spanish Rap group performed. Note: I didn’t care for them at all  (except for the beats that they stole from recognizable rap artist).

Apparently the “raperos” attracted a different audience. I looked over at a couple young men and one of their haircuts struck me as pretty strange, but very funny. So I chuckled and told Romon to check out his hair cut. Romon said, oh those are some of the street kids. I took a closer look and noticed their lack of hygiene and a back pack full of items they use for entertaining people at red lights. It’s how they make their living. I was suddenly filled with guilt for laughing at them. I thought, “I’m a horrible Christian”. After that heart check, my heart was overwhelmingly filled with compassion for these guys.

I thought, this is perfect they came to a Christian event, they must be searching. Searching for what? Answers. God. With all these Christians here, they are sure to find what they’re looking for. I couldn’t take my eyes off of these two. I know my Spanish isn’t great enough to communicate with them, but even if it were, what would I say? I have no way of relating to them. So I relied on these workers who were walking around with banners that said, “We are One World. Are you?” What the heck does that even mean? I just wanted to rip those stupid banners into pieces and tell someone can you focus on these lost souls please?!!! Not one person reached out to them. They eventually walked away. Possibly off to work.

Gosh, this Christian culture is so backwards. We’d rather see that everyone in the audience is having a good time than seeing to it that people are being given an opportunity to meet Christ. These were my honest feelings. (From what I understand the organization has many great intentions, I just didn’t see much productivity in it last night).

3 lessons I learned about myself at this event:

1- I’m not as great as I think I am. I still need to work on a lot of things internally.

2. I was as guilty of not presenting the gospel of Christ to these young men because I wasn’t prepared.

2. I need a game plan. What will I do the next time I am given such an easy opportunity to meet a need for someone and lead him/her to Jesus whom I KNOW changes lives in a tremendous way?

What are your suggestions for this game plan? (Please withhold from all unproductive, super religious perspectives. I’m planning on reaching nonreligious folks). Thanks!